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SEO in Beijing / Shanghai / China and Moscow / Russia

Key points:
Professional Search Engine Optimization
We know both the Western and the Chinese markets
SEO in Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish

Professional SEO Services in China by Experts.

Search Engine Optimization is vital for every e-commerce and almost every B2B business. It helps you generate leads and sales by ranking your website according to keywords that are important for your turnover or for generating leads.

SEO is at the heart of everything we do here at THEM. Success online is not a one-shot effort. Only continuous work will enable you to build successful online businesses. We are pilots for your digital success, as we have been for numerous clients, big and small.

Google / Baidu / Yandex / Bing / Yahoo – these are our native languages

Naturally, we work on Google, king of the search engines, to help you maximize your online exposure and attract traffic to your website. There is no certification for SEO, but we are Google Adwords partner certified, which should reassure you of our professionalism.

We also focus on Baidu. As you may know, we are headquartered in Beijing, not far from Baidu’s offices. We work a lot on the Chinese market and that’s why we have developed key SEO services for Baidu in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters. Feel free to contact our Beijing or Shanghai offices to find out more.

Our Moscow office handles the Russian market and SEO on Yandex. Russia is a growing market and now is the right time to grab your market share by optimizing your online exposure.

What we do: Higher Rankings

We improve your rankings on search engines and beat your competitors to attract the maximum number of targeted visitors to your website. We work both on Onsite Optimization and Offsite Optimization (link building) to improve your positions. The Goal is of course to increase the number of leads and sales and also to improve your branding. We value the KPIs that are important for you.

How we work: Audit / Onsite / Offsite

We start with an Audit, which means checking the strengths and weaknesses of your website. We check your competitors, we carry out keyword research to find your target keywords and we build a strategy to get you better rankings. At the end, you have a pdf file with everything you need to know for a killer plan. Then, we put our plan into action...

We improve onsite optimization: html tags, document structures, titles, meta descriptions, filenames, internal anchor texts, loading speed, javascript links, robots.txt, sitemap, automatic url with keywords generation and 404 problems etc. There are about 250 things that we work on to make sure you have a killer website. WE MAKE THE CHANGES! Unlike most consulting companies, we will not just to tell you what to do – we  actually do it! We have experienced developers trained for SEO who know how to handle the modifications. We are not a consulting firm – instead we deliver results.

We work on your link building. We define how to attract the links you need, but we also post these links, ask targeted websites for exchange and put the right keywords in the right blogs and directories. This part of the work is long and hard but it is essential for online success.


The first thing you get is the audit, which details everything you need to know about your website’s exposure and behavior and that of your competitors.
At the end of every month, you receive THEM SEO DASHBOARD, with details about what we have done, what we will do next and how your website is performing online. This easy overview enables you to see how we are improving your website.
There is also ongoing direct communication with THEM SEO professionals to discuss any matter regarding your website. Face to face meetings, phone calls, emails or Skype calls – we make sure you stay in control.

A Multicultural and Multilingual Team

Our native speakers work in their native tongues on your target markets. That means Chinese for China, Russian for Russia, French for France, British English for the UK and Spanish for Spain etc. We know that to execute a perfect SEO strategy, experts need to understand the market perfectly and that is why each one of our SEO professionals works only with his/her native tongue.

Our own Ranking Tool!

You can access our software to check your rankings and those of your competition at any time, from any device and in your own language. Check how your target keywords in Chinese are doing on Baidu with an English interface or check how your Russian target keywords are doing on Yandex with a Spanish interface. It’s easy, convenient, accurate and absolutely vital.

Let's start working on your project!

Contact us now for more info about our services, we will be more than happy to give you all the information you require. Get in touch with our Beijing, Shanghai or Moscow office now!