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SEO Monitoring

Key points:
We will regularly carry out an SEO-Audit of your website to ensure continuous improvement, including:
Optimizing the links and texts
Correcting the code
Adding back-links and social media tools and links
Refreshing pages and links
Improving the overall visibility of your website in search engines and
Compiling a monthly report on your website's search engine ranking
SEO Monitoring

What do we do?

We start with the SEO Audit, of course, so that we can get to know everything about the strengths and weaknesses of your website... and then we improve any faults we find. We will then work to optimize links, texts, correct the code to comply with market standards, add backlinks and social media tools, and improve the overall visibility of your website on search engines like Google, Baidu, Bing or Yahoo. 

We provide the right service for those who want the results but not the hassle. 

What do you receive?

You will receive a comprehensive report, explaining point by point the elements which we checked and changed on your website. You will also receive the analysis and rankings of your website, enabling you to check your website's improvement on search engines natural "organic" results rather than the paid ones. 

How long will it take to increase your traffic?

Depending on the size of your website it customarily takes between one and two months for improvements on your traffic to show (time for search engines to scan your website again, and to change their index, reflecting improvements in your rank).

Who will carry out the SEO monitoring?

SEO monitoring of your website will be carried out by our team of web specialists, comprised of engineers in computer science and internet marketing experts. So yes, it's a human search engine optimization, not carried out by some automated irrelevant software but by the same team who will be in charge of the delivery and support, so that you always have an expert to answer your questions.

What detailed SEO will we carry out?

Depending on your website, we carry out the following SEO tasks:

We improve the coding validity
We check the domain name and correct redirection codes
We check the sub-domains and correct redirection codes
We activate and improve the url rewriting
We adapt the Meta descriptions
We correct and improve the content hierarchy
We correct, adapt and improve the lexical density according to search engine usage
We increase the Keywords Relevancy
We add a proper images coding
We improve the Page Load Times
We create, add, correct and improve the Sitemap
We create, add and correct the Robots.txt
We add Social Network Tools
We check and improve Google Updates Frequency
We check and work on the Google Page ranking
We check on and improve the Google Supplemental Index Ratio.
We create, activate and improve the RSS/Atom feeds
We add the website to the Main Directories Backlinking
We create, activate and improve a Form
We check and improve the IP/Hosting
We check rankings on Google/Yahoo (40 keywords combination) (reporting the results to you)
We monitor your competitors to make use of their resources.
We add relevant keywords to your industry.
We check, correct or delete the broken links.
We change the internal linking so as to improve its relevancy.
We Analyse the Backlinking to improve it by having new partnerships.


Is SEO for You ?

The SEO monitoring package suits perfectly any business which needs targeted traffic on their website, especially if their activities or a big part of their business relies on Internet Traffic, Search Engine Ranking or Internet Sales.

Contact us now to discuss your project and needs!