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Google Gives You Fresher Search Results


Google is going to make a major update to its search algorithm that will bring fresher search results in order to improve user relevancy. 35% of search results should be affected by this change.

Google’s Algorithm Updates

Every year, Google operates more than 400 modifications on its search algorithm in order to improve quality of search results. The latest major update, named Google Panda, dates back to the beginning of this year in the US.

The goal was to penalize content farms that is to say websites that generate plenty of low-quality pages to appear in the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) in order to attract visitors. Another consequence of this change was the decrease in terms of visibility of major consumer reviews sites, and price comparison websites.

What is Fresh Content for Google?

The new update does not concern quality of pages, but their freshness. When you look for popular events or topical issues, Google will make recent pages rank higher in the SERPs. For instance, if you search “presidential elections”, Google will display more information about incoming elections rather than older results. 

In addition, when you type “Beijing Guoan CSL”, the most up-to-date results of the soccer team will appear in good positions. However, rankings for classic and never-changing websites about cuisine recipes and DIY tips should not be very affected.

The challenge for the search engine company is actually to determine how old a page could be compared to the user query. Some pages could be outdated after a few hours, while others could still be up-to-date and relevant for users after a few months or years.

Why Does Google Now Like Fresh Content?

Google has been taking into account content freshness since 2007. Caffeine update that happened last year enables the search engine to crawl and index the web for fresh content quicker and on a massive scale. 

Google's freshness update will be applied on twice more queries (35%), so that should have a large impact on rankings. However, it does not mean that 35% of all keywords will be affected, it concerns 35% of queries volume (some keywords concentrate far much more queries). 

Because of social networks and their instantaneousness patterns, Google has to provide users with extremely recent content, that is why that the search engine will sometimes show up-to-date articles rather than reference articles.

Overall, this algorithm update also mean more work for SEO experts to monitor changes in rankings...

Baidu SEO Tool for Chrome


We have released a new Baidu SEO tool for Google Chrome (and for free!). 

Baidu Numerator is a Google Chrome extension that helps you easily check your website natural ranking in Baidu.

As Baidu still mixes some of its natural results and paid ads in the SERP, this extension can be very useful for your SEO. With Baidu Numerator, you can directly see your numbered position in the natural results.

How to install Baidu Numerator?

First, you need to download Baidu Numerator

Second, you have to install it (the installation should launch automatically in Google Chrome, if not, double-click on the downloaded file). You then have to restart your browser, so your extension can be active.

And that is actually it, you are ready to use our Baidu SEO tool!

How to see my ranking in Baidu?

After you install Baidu Numerator, you just have to go to Baidu’s website, search for your keywords, and you will see numbers appearing in the left of the SERP. These numberes are the positions of every website in the natural results, Baidu's websites excluding.

For instance, if you search for “SEO Shanghai” on Baidu. With our Baidu SEO extension for Chrome, the SERP now appears like below:

SEO Shanghai with Baidu Numerator

As you can see, the position numbers prepend the results in the left.

If you now search for "hotel Beijing", some ads top the SERP. Baidu Numerator only starts counting on the first natural search result (marked here as 1, and actually in 6th position):

Hotel Beijing with Baidu Numerator

How to check rankings in Baidu and Google?

We also developed a ranking tool for Baidu and Google that enables you to compare your rankings on both search engines. Feel free to use it, it is for free too!

If you want to know more about SEO for China, please read our previous articles, such as how to do SEO for Baidu and stay tuned for our next SEO tips!

Baidu phoenix nest, what is changing for your Chinese seo?


What is baidu Phoenix nest?
Baidu phoenix nest is the new baidu search engine reponse page presentation, but not only, it also affects the ads management too. Before, baidu was putting the pay-per-click ads directly above the natural organic responses. So you could “buy “ your rankings for any query. With phoenix nest, baidu seperates natural and paid listings.
If I launched a website the 1 of January, and wanted to rank first the 2nd of January, that was possible. So, money was leading the rankings, not quality.
Besides, even if  my online ecommerce would sell only “red cars”,  I still could buy the 1st ranking for “black car” or even “yellow carpet”. Basically, I could buy any keyword for any website… So you can imagine how the search quality was affected.
Why baidu is changing?
Baidu is improving its system. Now you can NOT buy your 1st position anymore, you can work to reach it, and that of course improves search quality. Baidu suffered from many scandals, and that’s probably why they decided to change. Besides, google had better quality search results, and baidu had to improve theirs to keep their huge market share (more than 60% for baidu in china vs google only 20%).
Baidu new Search Engine Optimization Rules?
Well, of course, from the 1st December on, the only way to rank first in the natural / organic results of baidu  is to work on your search engine optimization. That means, more seo business for us, yes :o)
Having great content, good html, social media optimization to leverage backlinks, we go back to the standard search engine optimization rules. That’s why you should read or read again this post we wrote about baidu seo, and about backlink strategies.

Many people will suffer a sudden increase or decrease of their website traffic because of this change. For example, when you look for the query “Beijing web design” in Chinese in baidu, the first natural response was ranking at the 11th position! This means, from the 1st December on, they will go from the 11th to the 1st, something tells me they will know a sudden increase of business ;o)

How this is going to affect user behavior?
The Chinese internet users usually click from the 1st to the 10th link, and even sometimes go to the second page of search engine (as you can see on the heat map below). That is said to be due to two main reasons : curiosity of the Chinese! And the fact that they are used to have first ads, and then the natural responses (I tend to believe more this second reason).
So if baidu is getting more accurate, if they separate the ads from natural responses, chances are this will affect users behavior, and Chinese users like the western users will click on the first 3 responses mainly… so, it’s even more important to be among the firsts.

Google Vs Baidu?
It was hard for google to beat baidu in china, it’s becoming even harder. Baidu is getting rid of its main drawback. In the search engine world, Improving search quality equals retaining users… and that’s the core of google and baidu’s business. Baidu is taking the right direction to protect its domination.
Baidu Stock Share Plunges!
Because of this change, baidu stock share plunged! Yes, baidu will make less money now. When you have search and ads mixed, users click more on ads than when you don’t mix them. So baidu is about to have a decrease in turn over. But seriously, isn’t that a very good move for the long run benefits and development?! Sometimes, I don’t understand analysts… or they don’t understand the business they bid on.
Baidu going International?
There is a big fear for baidu to go abroad. I was attending a conference two months ago where a knowledgeable speaker was talking about how some big Chinese companies feared trying to enter the European or US market. Baidu is no exception. Yes, its search quality is lower than google’s, but baidu could work on that by taking into account not only the number of backlinks but also their quality. Come on baidu “jia you”.
Ps:baidu jia you” in Chinese, means “go go baidu”, but I tried it just for fun in google translate, which of course gave me the literal translation, “Refueling”… so, I wanna say, “refill baidu refill”.

SEO and the Golden Triangle, Split-second choice

Google's golden traingle

For most people that work at SEO, including us (or THEM), the reason why search rankings matter is clear. We know that for many sites, the traffic from search engines is a key to success. We also know that the first search results in a query are the ones users click on; and most users do not click "Next results" in their search engine.

But explaining this to Average Joe is not nearly as compelling as you would expect (our experience says so!). Many people I know do not understand why SEO is useful for a website. How to prove that SEO is of key importance for a website? Try the "(Google's) Golden Triangle"!

The Golden Triangle (here purple) may not be news for many of you, this aspect of search users experience has been studied many times. Look, the darker areas in the picture were looked at more than the lighter ones and some areas are not even looked at.

Want some stats on users behavior? In tests 100% of the users look at the first 3 results, and only a 20% of the users will look at the 10th search result*. Moreover, after being actually looked at, the result will have a fraction of a second to convince the user that clicking it will satisfy his query. For that the site will need a very good, convincing teaser text (or snippet).

The user will decide wether to click or not in less than a second

Will you have a chance? Find out now, just try checking your rankings in the right column or go to the "Ranking tool" to see your results!

The Google’s User Experience Research team offers deep information on the Golden Triangle on their blog. I thank them for the useful info!

*Check the Organic Ranking Visibility at Eyetools Google Research.

National vs International Domain Name Extension and SEO

rankings of websites with national and international domain name extension

We did a few tests about the differences between national and international domain extensions regarding SEO, and the rankings of these websites in national search engines like google china baidu or bing. (check your rankings in google and baidu here)

What is a Domain name Extension?

  • International domain name extensions like : .Com, .Net , .Org or .Pro
  • National domain name extensions like: .de (Germany), .fr (France), .cn (China)

What was the Test ?

We launched several websites, with the same domain name, but with different domain name extensions (some national domain name extensions and some international). We let the search engines crawle them and index them, and then we test their rankings.

It appears clearly that the national domain extensions has a very strong impact on the rankings of websites in the designated country.

Actually, the National Domain Name Extension is more important than :

  •     The language used on the website
  •     The IP location of the hosting


For example, we did the test with the Chinese national domain name extension which is .CN, but the website was hosted in a European country, and the language of the website was English.
Still, the website was ranking better in google.CN (China) than in google.Com (language of the website) or google.DE (the hosting country). Why was it ranking better in google china? Well, the only link between these websites and China was the national domain name extension, and obviously, it’s weight on the rankings was considerable.


National domain name extensions are very very important to your SEO and your Rankings. (but still, you might chose an international domain name extension because of your branding strategy, etc. SEO is something you must consider, but not something that should replace ALL of your former marketing tools)

Our ranking study also showed that the “country” of your backlinks are also very important for your rankings in that country. To make it clear : if you have a website in the USA, but the majority of your backlinks are coming from England, your website is going to rank higher in Google England.
So remember, post the backlinks in the country you target (not only the language you target).

Google is Google, not by Chance:
Google is the smartest. On bing and baidu, we reached directly very high positions because of the domain names we’ve chosen and the domain names extensions, and we shouldn’t have. We had only 2 pages on the websites, a very young age for the domain names, and very few backlinks.  
That’s also no surprise as we have seen in the comparison between google and bing : “weight of keywords in urls on your rankings”
Google seemed to have a more wise approach and more balanced algorithm, which makes the search “safer” and with better quality.  

Optimization on Bing: all you need to know

Optimize your website for Bing

Since the launching of Bing last June, you need to have some information on optimizing your website for Microsoft's search engine.

Meta: Title

  1. Put the most important words at the beginning, because they have more weight in the algorithm (factor of prominence).
  2. Try to limit to 65 characters (and use at least 5 characters).
  3. For deep pages, put  the most strategic words first, then the description words of the category page, and only at the end, the name of the website.
  4. Make sure you don't have two similar titles.
  5. Avoid using any of these special characters: ' " < > { } [ ] ( )

Meta: description

Although they are not used in the ranking algorithm, it can be used by Bing to display the snippet (small description of each result). Here are some tips:

  1. Create specific descriptions for each page (especially do not repeat the same description on multiple pages).
  2. Don't use the same words as in the meta:title. Try to write a "commercial" description to make the visitor click on your website.
  3. Try to use between 25 and 150 characters.
  4. Avoid using any of these special characters: ' " < > { } [ ] ( )

Meta: keywords

Do not expect much from this meta to improve your ranking ... But according to Bing, it is worth having it, then fill it if it can be done automatically by your CMS (and if it does not bother you to show your competitors what the most strategic keywords on your page are ...).

  1. Separate your keywords with comma.
  2. Do not exceed 874 characters in total (don't ask me where that number comes from, it is adviced by Bing!)
  3. Don't repeat more than 4 times the same word


 Read also:

Bing and Google comparison on keywords

Google Caffeine : New Ranking algorithm

seo beijing google search

Google has just release a new project named Caffeine. It will provide a new architecture for its search engine, improve robot crawling and results relevancy.

This evolution means that website's rankings will change. Your positions on search results may increase or decrease in few weeks, according to your search engine optimization.

To avoid fear, Google allow us to check our future rankings on this page: and you can send feedback about results differences via the link "Dissatisfied? Help us improve" at the end of the result page.

Do not wait anymore, check your future google ranks Now.

Baidu Rank in Chinese


We released a new tool so that you can check your rank both in english and chinese. You can check at the same time your ranking in baidu and google. For sure, if you are looking to develop on the chinese market, you will find this tool useful.
Just type in directly your hanzi (chinese characters) and you will see your rankings in baidu, google USA, France, Germany and China of course. You can also have your pagerank on the same page.
So, don't forget to bookmark the page which is here (Baidu Rank Check)
If you want to link to that page in your blog or website, here is the address :
<a href="" title="baidu rank check google rank check"> Baidu Rank Check</a>

What is your Google Ranking?


i just added a google rank tool to the website. you can simply use it by typing the url and the keywords you want. it's fast and efficient.

check your google ranking now

Google Baidu Rank Tool | Ranking Tool

Key points:
Google Rank
Baidu Rank
Google PageRank
Use of Chinese Characters Allowed

NEW! You can type your keywords both using Latin Letter or Chinese characters (HanZi)...

Check your Google rank and Baidu Rank easily with this tool. Just type in your website url (with or without "http://") and your keyword or keywords, and you'll have your Google ranking or Baidu ranking.

google page rank  Google China baidu ranking

Baidu ranking tools

Url (ex :

Keywords (ex : books):

Email (ex :


Check with a single request your position in google.COM (USA) google.CN (China) google.FR (France) and google.DE (Germany - Deutschland) and Baidu (China)


Important! : if your website is included in baidu results through a paid program (PPC) it won't appear here, we display only natural / organic responses, not paid ads.