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Web Design Agency in Beijing and Shanghai China

 We design websites with taste and business targets in mind. We cannot separate these two, because both are important for your company’s success.

We understand your business and your target audience


- Who are your clients?

Your clients are the whoever is, or will be, visiting your website; whether they are teenagers, artists or bankers. We design the website according to your target audience, whether they are in China, Asia or the West. 

- What do you want your website visitors to think about you?
Do you want them to think “you are cool”, “you are reliable”, “you have knowledge”, “you are fun”. Your website visitors will decide all this within 3 seconds of landing on your web page. We make sure they have the right message.
- What are your clients looking for?
Very often, the services a company provides are not immediately clear on the website, you have to go deep down there before finding what you are actually looking for. We design a website to make it easy for your visitors to find your services, and thus increase the likelihood of them contacting you.
We make your website clear. The better your clients understand what you offer, the greater the chance that they will contact you. Web design is there to help you organize the content into a very clear segmentation.
- What do you want them to do?
The design of the website influences user behavior. We define the targets together, designing a website that helps your business by driving people to do what you want them to.
  • Contact you to ask for a quotation?
  • Buy on your online ecommerce?
  • Subscribe to your newsletter?

Professional Design

If you have a website, it means you want to generate business online. And it’s almost impossible to generate business online without a professional looking web design. This is very often the first impression your prospective clients will have about your business.

Design Ecommerce

Ecommerce design is very specific and challenging. We are professional website optimizers (we even blog about it here), and thus we know how the size of a button, its color, its position on the web page can boost your online success.
When we design ecommerce, we design to sell.

Design Corporate Websites

Corporate websites very often have a very clear target for our client: “make them contact me”. We are use to designing corporate websites with this target in mind.  By adding “ask for quotation button”, putting a contact form on each page (like on the right side of the one you are reading now!), displaying your phone number in the upper right corner. All these tricks… are actually essential to your business.

Logo Design

We design original logos to reflect your business scope, your target audience, and make you proud of it when emblazoned on your business card (or mingpian as said in mandarin).
-          We make it simple, to let your customers recognize you easily.
-          We make it memorable, by being original.
-          We make it versatile, so that you can print it on a small business card or a 5m billboard

Sample Web Designs :

Corporate website design
 web design ecn china
The goal here was to make clients feel this company is trust worthy, and encourage them to create an account. That’s why we chose a prominent position for the subscription button, and that’s also why we gave it a different color, the green emphasizing the “go there” message.
Ecommerce web design
ecommerce web design china lexuomo
This ecommerce is about selling high quality knitwear with outstanding colors, to ensure ther products stand out the background color of the website is black. The Neon effect is here to please consumers looking for fashionable clothes, the message is “you are on a fashionable ecommerce”. We also made the “add to cart button” very noticeable, because at the end of the day, it’s about sales.
We also created some “teasing” websites before launching the ecommerce, to leverage on the press coverage of the brand :

Multilingual is our nature

Our company has natives of several languages and cultures, and so do our websites. To the question “do you design multilingual websites in English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish or Russian”, we reply that “we ONLY design multilingual websites”.

Web design and SEO

We are search engine optimization specialists, and we design websites that are search engine friendly. To create your website, we mix creativity and search marketing knowledge to reach the best ROI. And when there are crucial choices to make, we explain you the pros and cons so that you take sounds decisions.

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