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Web Development Company in Beijing and Shanghai China

Key points:
Professional and Affordable Web Site Development and Design
Corporate, News, Blogs, and E-Business Web Sites
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THEM web development department provides professional software and web development services for companies. Our Internet solutions empower you and help you generate revenue streams, establish communication channels or streamline business operations.

We deliver website design and development, with content management systems (CMS), custom web application, development and advanced web programming. We use mainly these CMS's : Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress Magento and Spip ... but who cares about the tool, only the result matters.

Combining our solid technical expertise and profound knowledge of Internet Marketing and SEO, we enable you not only to have a website, but also have web traffic and people coming to it.

Isn’t it your main goal? Then taking web SEO specialists to design it can only be a sound decision

What do we do for your Website Development?

  • We plan, design, build and host effective ecommerce sites.
  • We design and develop websites that your teams can easily and freely update with our easy to use content management systems (CMS).
  • We build Search Engine Friendly websites because we are SEO specialists (Very Important): you have the maximum number of visitors. Isn’t that a key element to your business? Sure it is!
  • We create Online Communities, so that you can be closer to your clients, followers, fans, and so that you can build a direct relashionship with them.
  • We create Corporate websites, Portals or Blogs. Is your company ready to capitalize on branding, SEO, and PR opportunities of a blog/web portal? From identifying the right blogging platform to managing your ongoing content, we will help you create a blog that fits your corporate objectives.


Web Development for China

As we are based in China with an international staff, we can provide you with multilingual websites, including Chinese language, developed by native speakers. We know all the tricks about encoding in Chinese, Using pinyin or Chinese Internet Users online behaviour.

Custom Web Application Development

Because you have special needs and we have special skills, “Yes, We Can” develop that application that will let you increase your Return On Investment.

Understanding Your Website Goals

THEM carefully study each customer particular case to understand the client’s needs and objectives and deliver a dependable solution. We make you aware of all available options and provide you with a competent advice enabling you to take an informed business decision. Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Website Architecture, we combine all our competencies to serve your goal.

Partner with Clients

We are committed to becoming your long-term, trusted partner. Our priority is not only providing professional services and solutions but becoming your IT vendor dedicated to meeting your needs today and support your growing business needs tomorrow.

web-enable your business and connect to your online customers

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