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Chinese Website Localization

Key points:
Native Chinese speakers
Both Chinese translators and Website developers

You want your website in Chinese, no problem, we can start now. We translate and we localize your website in China, then we connect directly to your website server or CMS to put the pages in the right place, creating the menus and so on.

We can work on your Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Spip, or your simple html pages.

We help you reach a new audience, to increase your turn-over. There are over 300 million Chinese online. China is the country with the biggest internet population, do you really want to miss them?

It's a hassle free offer, all you have to do is order. We translate AND put the Chinese texts and pages on your website. We also provide web design targeted at a Chinese audience.

Our Chinese localization services open new markets for you. When should you start?

Contact us for a quotation, and don't forget to provide the link to your website.