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About THEM (us!)

Key points:
We do your programming and search engine friendly development for the web.
We do your design (and your logo) for the web.
We do your SEO - search engine optimization (for the web)
We do your marketing for the web
We do your advertising for the web

THEM was founded in early 2007 and it’s a web company focusing on search engine optimization and search engine marketing. We are working Beijing and Shanghai (China) and Moscow (Russia).

We are web enthusiasts

and we will help you succeed online. We have marketers, designers, and IT engineers, all dedicated to you (on the internet). We also come from different backgrounds: we have different nationalities and different mother tongues, as the web is multicultural, and as your website is (or should be).

We empower you online

Whether you want to attract more people to your website, increase your online sales, or create a community around your brand.

Where to find us!

We have offices in China in Beijing (in sanlitun) and in Shanghai (next to nanjing xilu) and in Russia in downtown Moscow

One of us is also great at making tiramisu… but that’s the only skill that is not solely dedicated to our clients.


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